One of the Best Selling Classic mini IP Camera Ever before and Now


Pioneer in the industry, first concept turn to real mini cameras.

The first device in our list is the Camsoy C2, which might be classed as a spy camera or simply a helpful home security camera device. What’s interesting here is the ability to talk to introducer using the iCooyCam app on your smartphone. The fact this camera is powered by A Li-ion batteries (which will last up to 90 minutes) means it's wire-free, while it’s also super small size and invisible, letting you view live streams and alarm. Additionally, filmed clips can be stored in the SD card , no one can get your data except yourself. Full HD video recording is provided during daylight, while at night it cleverly switches to infrared HD night vision. It’s vandal-proof can be powered by charger 24/7. Also it can function as security camera, action camera and car camera, wearable camera